RONALD DENNIS :: Jazz :: Intermediate
Contact: (323) 467 3592   email

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JAMES JOYCE :: Adult Ballet :: All Levels

Contact: (310) 930 1393

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VARDAN KHACHATRYAN :: Russian Ballet :: Advanced/Professional
Vardan Khachatryan
Vardan Khachatryan studied ballet and folk for eight years at the Armenian Choreographic Academy and four years of Kirov classes at St. Petersburg Music Hall. He was a Principal with The Israel National Ballet Company, the Armenian Opera/Ballet Academic Theater and the St. Petersburg Music Hall. Some of his professional roles include Hilarion in Giselle, Iago in Othello, Gypsy King and Espada in Don Quixote, Armen in Gayane, Don Jose in Carmen and Russian Dance in The Nutcracker.

Contact: (323) 449-3333

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ELSPETH KUANG :: Adult and Teen Ballet :: Basic through Advanced
Elspeth Kuang, adult and teen ballet teacher at The Hollywood Dance Center in Los Angeles, CA
Grace • Style • Balance
Beginning • Intermediate • Advanced • Pointe

Classical ballet dance technique for Teens, Adults, Dancers, Actors, & Athletes Fosters:
  • Love of Dancing
  • Good posture, coordination, & musicality
  • Movement technique for preventing injuries
  • Artistic and theatrical expression
Group Classes with individual attention
Private Lessons by Appointment

Contact: (323) 732 9276

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MICHAEL KUKA :: Salsa, Swing, Ballroom :: Beginning through Advanced
Michael's classes are fun, easy, and exciting, and open to everyone. Come join us! There are a lot of great dancers and teachers here in L.A. Why should you come to us? Because we love dancing!!! We've been getting people out on the dance floor for years, from beginning to competitive level. We're heavy on instruction in a club-like atmosphere. Our floor is huge. No attitude. Just lots of dancing!

For more information, visit Michael's website:

Contact: (888) 3DANCE NOW

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MASTER ART MOON :: Kumdo (Kendo Martial Art) :: Josun Se Bop (The Way of Sword)
* Self-Discovery
* Possibility
* Sense of Accomplishment
* Health of Body and Soul
* Concentration Power

New class coming soon! Please contact Master Moon for details.
Contact: (213) 365-9400
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Miss MarquezAmber Marie Empowerment in Heels Burlesque School provides a unique burlesque class experience focused on creativity and self-expression, making this class perfect for new students, dancers, and professionals alike. Begin the class increasing your flexibility and body awareness with warm-ups using traditional burlesque moves and techniques to tone muscles and build confidence. Flow seamlessly into across-the-floor exercises, learning to walk, strut and command the stage with conviction and feminine grace. Through improvisation exercises discover and explore your inner Burlesque Vixen in a safe, supportive environment. Tune into your own movement vocabulary and uncover your own individual expression of sensuality.
Drop-ins are welcome! No Sign up necessary.
Suggested Wardrobe and Footwear: workout or dancewear that you feel confident and sexy in. Heels, dance shoes or bare feet recommended.
More information:

EVERY THURSDAY 6-7pm Taught by Amber Marie

EVERY SUNDAY 3-4pm Taught by Miss Marquez
Contact: (928) 446-6612

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WALTER PAINTER :: Professional Level Jazz

Contact: email

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PAMELA PHILLIPS :: Children's Ballet :: Ages 4 - teens
Pamela Phillips, children's ballet teacher at the Hollywood Dance Center
Pamela Phillips has been known for decades as "Miss Pam" to thousands of students in Los Angeles and Hollywood. Her ballet classes for children ages 4 - teens focus on the joy of dancing while building a foundation in classical ballet technique. Her classes emphasize creativity and imagination in a non-competitive atmosphere that appreciates each child's unique abilities. Children develop physical strength, coordination, and flexibility as well as concentration, cooperation, and determination. Miss Pam's classes are also a place where kids can be kids -- where they can use their imaginations and play make-believe in a warm environment of music and fun. While some of her students have pursued careers as professional dancers, many more have continued dancing as adults for the pure joy they discovered in Miss Pam's classes when they were young.children dancing at The Hollywood Dance Center in Los Angeles, CA

"I try to let children discover the joy of dancing and to help them realize they need not have plans to pursue a career in dance in order to continue their training. I hope that I provide a non-competitive atmosphere where children can feel good about their abilities and begin a life-long habit of dancing. Not only do I support dance of all kinds, but I hope I am nurturing a future dance audience as well."

Pamela Phillips has taught dance to children in schools and studios throughout Los Angeles for over 30 years. For the past 15 years she has owned and operated The Hollywood Dance Center in Hollywood, CA.

For more information contact Miss Pam at: (323) 467-0825 or visit:

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DAN RANN :: MDA - Men's Dance Movement - All Levels
TEMPLE OF DANCE is for men only. It is an intensely physical 2-hour dance class and exhilarating dance movement experience where men explore the male dance dynamic in a variety of dance techniques both alone and with other male partners. You will learn free dance, pattern dances in all ballroom and latin dancing rhythms, dance improvisation, dancing competition moves, social dancing, and also how to perform. But most importantly, as you learn, you'll have a blast. Great for men who want to come and have a full dance experience.

Some pointers: This is a dance movement class, not an exercise class. You MUST wear loose clothing such as sweats or karate pants or stretchable dancewear because we do get down on the floor. Long sleeve, loose shirts are preferred but not mandatory. Leather soled or suede soled shoes are preferred. Tennies are discouraged, but you can manage.

$20 per class or $80 for 5 sessions - no expiration.

Mr. Dan Rann is a Fellow of the Imperial Dance Society of England of the United States and holds six degrees in dance. He has performed all over the US and the world for over 25 years, represented the United States in the World Ballroom Dancing Championships in ballroom dancing, holds many ballroom, latin american dancing and theatrical dancing titles, and is well-known in the ballroom and latin dancing world. He's also slightly crazy, but in dance that's a plus.

Contact: (310) 770 1753

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Michael Sanchez :: Zumba

My approach to Zumba is to deliver a sense of musicality and flow to each class that an ordinary aerobics instructor cannot provide; to make clear interpretation of each style of dance (i.e. Salsa, Merengue, Reggaeton, Hip Hop, etc…) so that participants are able to differentiate the various rhythms of the program; and to encourage and motivate all participants to exercise through the power of dance.

What is Zumba? Zumba is a fun, dance-based aerobic workout that blends Latin dance steps with the hottest rhythms to keep you moving! Zumba is a high energy, dance cardio class that incorporates the world rhythms of salsa, merengue, cumbia, samba, reggaeton, dancehall, Latin hip-hop, and afro-Latin dance. Designed for all fitness levels.

IT’S FUN: “Exercise in Disguise” ... you don’t feel like you are working out.

IT’S DIFFERENT: the music, the moves, and the other class like it

IT’S EASY: anyone can join in - it’s easy to follow

IT’S EFFECTIVE: cardio-based, to get you moving and help achieve your fitness goals.

Athletic shoes, like sneakers, or a dance sneaker without a lot of traction recommended.

Contact: (323) 202-0819

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MARY SCANLON :: Ballroom, Latin, Swing, Tango, Salsa Rueda de Casino
For more information, visit Mary's website:
Contact: (323) 828 2420

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DELANE VAUGHN :: Jazz  & Hip-Hop :: Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced

A talented teacher, choreographer and performer with an intriguing and distinctive style, Delane combines ballet steps and modern lines with West African and jazz movements. His jazz classes are dynamic and engaging, combining a variety of rhythms and music -- Indian, Brazilian, West African, Spanish and South American -- while retaining his unique style and professional technique. Delane offers classes for all levels, from beginner to advanced; anyone who is committed to training will be able to join in and dance.
Delane's hip-hop classes are highly energetic and creative. Students learn original choreography, driven by the beat of contemporary music (Beyoncé, Jay-Z, Eminem, Kendrick Lamar, etc.) All levels are welcome.

Contact: (323) 933-3688

Click to view video clips of Delane's classes:

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ILONA VERA :: Ballet, Character Ballet and Jazz coaching for dancers and actors, including original choreography as well as variations from classical ballets.

The Ilona Vera Method nurtures each dancer and guides them to develop their personal style and self expression. This special quality is the heart and sole of what every dancer seeks to express. Ilona received her professional training at the Institute Le Ballet in Budapest where she received a diploma in The Vaganova Method. The famed Vaganova Method of Dance is considered to be one of the most definitive methods.

Contact: (323) 662 7783

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Robbi Morgan Walberg :: Tap

Intermediate level tap class for adults who have some experience, but may have forgotten the joy of tap dancing! Join Broadway veteran, Robbi Morgan Walberg, for an exciting “old-school” tap class that is both fun and a great work out -- for the body and the mind!

Whether you’re a professional brushing up for an audition, or an amateur looking to add a little rhythm to your life, Robbi’s class is a must!

Not only is Robbi’s class a great physical work out, but you’ll discover that a weekly tap class is food for your brain -- exercising your memory and keeping your mind sharp as a time-step!

For more info: email Robbi at or text 818-421-1126

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