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Carrie Madsen

OG Luigi Jazz

OG Luigi Jazz
IG: flyingleapcreative

Monday 11:00-12:30 ALL LEVELS
Wednesday 1:30-3:00 INT/ADV

What: Classic Jazz Dance: The Luigi Technique

How: Luigi Jazz Technique is a codified training method that teaches the dancer how to develop a deeply personal style and how their body works. The focus is style, look, musicality and feeling and is appropriate for every-body. Each 90-minute class is divided in half – 45 minutes technique exercises/warm-up & 45 minutes of a combo to dance the technique. Why: I want others to have the opportunity to feel the excitement Luigi’s work gives me. In 20 years of practicing his technique-- my body’s areas of vulnerability have strengthened, chronic injuries have cleared up, and my artistry as a dancer and performer has deepened profoundly. Another thing I love about Luigi Classes is that they foster a holistic dance environment that is inclusive and focused solely on the present moment of “listening to the rhythm of your body”.

Who: Carrie Madsen - Professional Musical Theatre Performer and Film/TV Actress, Choreographer, Dance Teacher, Goofball, Nature Lover, Fellow Human Being.


Barefoot or Jazz Shoe (sneakers okay)


Any updates to the schedule can be found on IG or reach out and I can add you to the email list.

“Never Stop Moving”

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