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Cindera Che

Jazz class. Level I/II

IG: @CheDanceHollywood
Contact: 818-724-7246

What: Jazz class. Level I/II. In-person and via Zoom
When: Tuesdays 12:30 pm - 2:00 pm
Why: Quality dance class at a great value.

Description: This class embodies the Pulse of today. Souls of the old school with a time-honored approach. There will be a warm-up, across-the-floor drills and a choreographed routine.

Payment: Venmo, Zelle or cash

$ 21 Single class - in-person or online

Class pass
1 month $ 64 ( 4 classes. $ 16 per class) $ 20 saving.
3 month $ 168 (12 classes. $ 14 per class) $ 84 saving
6 month $ 288 (24 classes. $ 12 per class) $ 216 saving

Class Pass Description:
Online Content:
All class passes include access to all recorded sessions
Easy access warm-up selections
Specific instruction videos and tips
Validity Period:
Class passes are valid throughout the calendar month(s) for which they are purchased.
Expired class passes will not be extended or refunded.
Recorded Sessions:
All classes are recorded for your convenience.
In the event of missing a live class, access to the recorded session ensures you won't miss the content.
The class pass system is designed to provide greater value compared to single purchases, even if a class is missed.

About Cindera:

Cindera Che is an Asian American actor and dancer with a career spanning over thirty years in film and television.

In addition to her on-camera work, Cindera has been an influential teacher, choreographer, and performance coach for over 35 years. She was on staff at The Edge Performing Arts Center in Los Angeles, developing professional dancers. She also created the Movement For Actors training program, where her skills in turning non-dancers into expressive movers led to her appearance on Dancing with the Stars, coaching Kristy Yamaguchi in her winning performance.

One of her favorite choreography projects was creating a finale for a cast of 750 inmates from the renowned dancing inmates of Cebu, the Philippines, for the film Dance of the Steelbars. This experience allowed her to explore the idea that movement transcends all human barriers, a belief she strives to bring to all of her work.

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