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MDA - Men's Dance Movement - All Levels

TEMPLE OF DANCE is for men only. It is an intensely physical 2-hour dance class and exhilarating dance movement experience where men explore the male dance dynamic in a variety of dance techniques both alone and with other male partners. You will learn free dance, pattern dances in all ballroom and latin dancing rhythms, dance improvisation, dancing competition moves, social dancing, and also how to perform. But most importantly, as you learn, you'll have a blast. Great for men who want to come and have a full dance experience.

Some pointers: This is a dance movement class, not an exercise class. You MUST wear loose clothing such as sweats or karate pants or stretchable dancewear because we do get down on the floor. Long sleeve, loose shirts are preferred but not mandatory. Leather soled or suede soled shoes are preferred. Tennies are discouraged, but you can manage.

$20 per class or $80 for 5 sessions - no expiration.

Mr. Dan Rann is a Fellow of the Imperial Dance Society of England of the United States and holds six degrees in dance. He has performed all over the US and the world for over 25 years, represented the United States in the World Ballroom Dancing Championships in ballroom dancing, holds many ballroom, latin american dancing and theatrical dancing titles, and is well-known in the ballroom and latin dancing world. He's also slightly crazy, but in dance that's a plus.

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