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Miss Pam's Ballet

Pamela Phillips has been known for decades as "Miss Pam" to thousands of students in Los Angeles and Hollywood. Her ballet classes for children ages 4-14 encourage children to discover the joy of dancing while building a foundation in classical ballet technique. Her classes emphasize creativity and imagination in a non-competitive atmosphere that appreciates each child's unique abilities. Children develop physical strength, coordination, and flexibility as well as concentration, cooperation, and determination. Miss Pam's classes are also a place where kids can be kids -- where they can use their imaginations and play make-believe in a warm environment of music and fun. While some of her students have pursued careers as professional dancers, many more have continued dancing as adults for the pure joy they discovered in Miss Pam's classes when they were young.

"I try to let children discover the joy of dancing and to help them realize they need not have plans to pursue a career in dance in order to continue their training. I hope that I provide a non-competitive atmosphere where children can feel good about their abilities and begin a life-long habit of dancing. Not only do I support dance of all kinds, but I hope I am nurturing a future dance audience as well."


Pamela Phillips has taught dance to children in schools and studios throughout Los Angeles for over 30 years. For the past 15 years she has owned and operated The Hollywood Dance Center in Los Angeles, CA.

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